Harlowe Table Lamp
January 4, 2017

Harlowe Hanging Lamp

Hanging Lamp available stained or unstained

Available colors
Dimension5" Diameter x 15" lamp + 5" base
DescriptionThe Harlowe lighting fixture is designed to fuse a mid-century modern aesthetic with contemporary fabrication techniques. Each piece is first laser cut and then assembled by hand at the artist’s studio in Philadelphia. This technique enables the artists to focus on the quality of each piece individually and gives them the freedom to experiment with concepts based off the original design. The simple aesthetic of the light is meant to accentuate the laser cut line quality and focus the viewers eye both on the form itself as well as the effects of the light and shadow passing through.
MaterialsFurniture grade grape plywood, electronic components, & lighting filament
Weight3 pounds

Harlowe Hanging Lamp
Harlowe Hanging Lamp